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December 23, 2012
Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

The East Africa GEOHealth Hub inception introduced the GEOHealth Hub university partners and involved several meetings with local governmental authorities and ministries to bring about their active involvement for the hub’s implementation. In addition, the meeting focused on generating familiarity among the group and to suss out potential opportunities moving forward.

Members of Technical Implementation Team met to finalize the implementation guideline and craft the way forward. The guideline was edited and finalized, while the tool for data collection was mandated to refine by each core team. The timeline was discussed with members of the Technical Implementation Team and data collection preparation was discussed. In addition, The U.S. and Ethipia colleagues visited government ministries to generate interest and collaboration.


  1. Dr. Ahmed Raja: Welcome address
  2. Professor Teketel: Key Note address
  3. Dr. Wubegzer Makonen: Profile of School of Public Health
  4. Professor Jonathan Samet: Profile of University of Southern California [PDF]
  5. Dr. Frank Gilliland: Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center Overview [PDF]
  6. Professor Kiros Berhane: The GEOHealth Planning Grant Implementation Plan [PDF]
  7. Dr. Belay Simane: Building Resilience to Climate Change in Ethiopia
  8. Dr Araya Asfaw: Energy Efficiency and Clean Cook Stove to Impact Climate Change Effects
  9. Dr. Abera Kumie: Implementation GEOHealth Part I
  10. Dr. Getenet Mitike and Worku Tefera: Implementation GEOHealth Part II
  11. Dr. Wakgari Deressa: Climate Change & Health: Ethiopian Malaria Prediction System
  12. Mr. Tadesse Amera: PAN Ethiopia: Project on Pesticide Safety and Disposal of Obsolete chemicals