GEOHealth Hub Principal Investigator | Makerere University

Lynn Atuyambe, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Community Health & Behavioral Sciences
College of Health Sciences
School of Public Health
Makerere University

Dr. Lynn Atuyambe has a Ph.D. in Public Health Sciences (International Health) from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. His Thesis was on adolescent health; teenage pregnancies and coping mechanisms in Uganda. He is an Associate Professor at the Makerere University School of Public Health (MakSPH) with close to 20 years of research experience especially in reproductive health. He teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students. He supervises post graduate students (MPH, HSR, MPHN, OBS/GYNAE) at the College of Health Sciences. He is the coordinator for the course Advanced Qualitative Research Methods for Health Sciences. He runs the course Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health as well as Health Promotion, Health Education, Behavior Change Communication for the Post graduates at the MakSPH. Most of the research therefore has focused on health social and behaviors matters related to reproductive health. Specifically, tasks related to family planning, fertility and adolescent health and development including youth friendly services have been undertaken. Besides, he has participated in both qualitative and quantitative research projects in various capacities over the years. He is a trainer in Qualitative research methods, data collection techniques and analysis. His recent publications take a qualitative approach. He is very experienced in surveys in Uganda and the region. He has collaborated on research in Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia and Cameroon. He has also served on evaluation teams for reproductive health programs as principal and co-investigator.

Amongst baseline surveys conducted, topics have ranged from HIV/AIDS needs assessments for the community as well as persons living with AIDS (PLWAs) to HIV/AIDS evaluation programs. He has extensively worked in the domain of STI, Sexual maturation and health, Adolescent sexual and reproductive health. In HIV/AIDS specific topics have been on Adolescent reproductive health, child sexual abuse, STIs in the army in relation to migration and troop movements, Access to and patient selection for enhanced ART, AIDS District Assessment. Dr. Atuyambe’s recent publications have focused on adolescent reproductive health, Coping theories among pregnant adolescents, HIV/AIDS, ART access and fairness, Stigma and discrimination and HIV disclosure outcomes. Dr. Atuyambe has close to 60 publications in peer reviewed journals: