GEOHealth Hub Co-Investigator | Great Lakes University of Kisumu

Christopher Cadillac Onyango, M.Sc., B.Sc.Assistant Lecturer
Great Lakes University of Kisumu

Christopher Orao has a Masters in Community Health and Development from Great Lakes University of Kisumu, and a Bachelor in Biomedical Science and Technology from Egerton University in Kenya. I am currently working as an Assistant Lecturer in Great Lakes University of Kisumu, where I lecture a number of Public Health and Community Health units such as Environment, food security, technology and industrial development, Medical Biology and Parasitology, Introduction to Public Health and Community Health, Community Based Education, Communicable Disease and Vector Disease, Measurement in Health and Development, Concepts and Trends in Health and Development and Combating Ill Health. I am currently involved in a number of research areas in community health and public health, as well as pursuing research interests in environmental science, public and community health for my PhD. I took an active role in the collection of data for the Kenya Situational Analysis and Needs Assessment and in the subsequent compilation of the Kenya SANA report and presentation in Addis Ababa University.