GEOHealth Co-Investigator | Addis Ababa University

Associate Professor of Environment and Development Studies
College of Development Studies
Director, Institute of Environment and Development
Addis Ababa University

Belay Simane is an associate Professor of Environment and Development Studies at AAU. He served in different institutions including as head of the Center for Environment and Development, Director of Research of Haremaya University, Research Advisor of the Sida/ANRS Rural Development Project, Senior Agronomist of EIAR and Ethiopian Input Authority. He is the recipient of several research awards and fellowships including, CNH-NSF, PEER, BELMONT, MAINBIOSIS, AFRINET and Visiting Research fellow of JHU.  He has published extensively in areas related of climate change, environmental management, rural development, agronomy, and crop physiology. He is actively participating in local, regional and national scientific and development committees and provided numerous training and consultancy services to various stakeholders ranging from local communities to governmental agencies and international organizations.